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Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia

Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia

I love continental breads especially flat breads like Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia, there so simple to make and you don't have to be fussy about appearances. The authentic look of a traditional Italian Focaccia is testament to what Artisan baking is all about. Forget about being precise with your finished shape and concentrate on building up the flavours. For this Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia I wanted to get a balanced taste from the Rosemary and the sea salt, rounding off with that sublime extra virgin olive oil flavour. It works a treat!
Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia

Rosemary sea salt focaccia Recipe

Ingredients for one foccacia loaf
500g Strong flour
10g Coarse sea salt
100ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20g Fresh yeast (or 10 grams fast active dried yeast)
300ml Tepid water
1 medium bunch of fresh rosemary
Salt water (25 grams salt to 100ml water)

Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia


Step 1
Preheat the oven to 230˚C/450˚F gas mark 8
Add the flour, salt, half the olive oil, yeast and water into a mixing bowl, use a dough hook and start on speed 1 for 3 to 4 minutes or until the dough starts to come together, increase the speed to 2 and mix for a further 5 minutes.

Step 2
Tip the dough out onto a floured work surface and knead for a couple of minutes until smooth, place back into the mixing bowl and cover, prove for around an hour, the dough should more than double in size.

Step 3
In the meantime prepare your Rosemary by picking off small bunches of rosemary, this will do for your decoration, leave enough rosemary to finely chop up, take out any rough pieces.

Get yourself a mortar and pestle place your finely chopped Rosemary and enough olive oil to blend together, crush away until left with a smooth paste. Place this Rosemary paste into your risen dough and mix on a low speed until combined.

Step 4
Have your baking tray/sheet ready, you won't need baking parchment if it’s a good quality baking sheet; flatten the dough out to resemble a rough rectangle to fit your baking sheet. Pin out to a thickness of around 1"/2.5cm. Brush the top liberally with olive oil then push your finger into the flat dough to make several indentations, now grab your mini Rosemary bunches and slide the stems into the dough, not to deep but just enough to gain purchase. Cover and leave to prove for around an hour.

Step 5
Brush the top of the dough with the salt water and drizzle over the remaining olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown, transfer to a wire rack immediately, this will encourage the formation of a crusty loaf. Rosemary Sea salt Focaccia

Sea salt and olive oil Focaccia

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