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Empire Biscuits

Empire Biscuits

Empire biscuits have been around longer than i have been on planet earth; i think they originated from the big British Empire shows that predominated when empire was the buzz word way back in the day. Any way names seem to stick even if we don't always know the origins. In its simplest form empire biscuits are two pieces of pastry baked and stuck together with raspberry jam then iced and finished off with a cherry. This recipe uses the basic 3 2 1 bakers percentage method for the sweet pastry.

Empire Biscuit Recipe

250 grams of plain flour
150 grams of margarine (cake margarine) room temperature

60 grams of fine sugar or icing sugar
egg yellow colour (optional)

icing sugar to decorate

Food flavour essence and colour

Glacé Cherries

Empire Biscuit Method

Put your sugar into a bowl and add just enough water to dissolve the sugar, you want as dry a paste as you can get, then add a drop of egg yellow colour. Leave to dissolve then move on to the next stage…

Add flour and chopped margarine into mixing bowl, mix with dough hook until it starts coming together. You can now add your dissolved sugar to the mix, continue to mix on a low speed until the sweet paste starts to come away from the sides of the mixing bowl, finish of by hand.

Kneed the sweet paste together until you have a firm dough, sprinkle with flour to make the task easier. If the pastry is too soft then wrap with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Do not over work the sweet paste, flour your work area and flatten sweet paste with your hand, begin to roll out with a rolling pin. You want about a third of an inch thickness, then cut out your biscuits with a cookie cutter.

Empire Biscuits

Place biscuits on a non-stick baking tray and bake in the centre of a medium oven temperature of around 180C electric for 15 to 18 minutes, once baked leave to cool on a cooling rack.

Get two teaspoons and place a blob of mixed jam on half the biscuits then sandwich together with the unjammed biscuits. Mix your fondant icing sugar with water add essence and food colour to suite, dip your biscuits into the fondant icing, you want quite a firm icing or else it will run all over the place, throw half a cherry on the top and you’re done.

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