Monday, 6 May 2013

Tropical Vanilla Slice

Tropical Vanilla Slice

A nice light healthy treat today with this Tropical Vanilla Slice. Nothing to complicated, just prepare your preferred baking tray and fill it with a vanilla sponge batter. You can use a box cake mix or any home made sponge mix. Once you have your cake baked allow to cool completely then spread with butter cream. Finally sprinkle some mixed dried tropical fruit and cut into slices.

You can place your tropical vanilla slice into the fridge for thirty minutes which will make it easier to cut. Cake mix just for the record I used

450 grams self-raising flour
450 grams caster sugar (fine sugar)
450 grams softened butter
12 medium eggs (make sure your butter and eggs are at room temperature)
one level teaspoon of baking powder
Add two teaspoons of vanilla extract for flavouring

This cake batter was made using the creaming method and have some milk handy to add to the batter if gets too stiff, you want a whipped cream consistency.

Preheat your oven to 180c electric and bake for around 30 to 35 minutes or until the sponge springs back and shrinks in from the cake tin.

The buttercream or frosting

Basic buttercream recipe,

140g softened butter

280g icing sugar

1 – 2 tablespoon milk

Food colouring/essence

Use a whisk when mixing butter cream and use softened butter for a light fluffy butter cream

Tropical Vanilla Slice

Tropical Vanilla Slice

You can get tropical dried fruit mix from any good supermarket, it may well be labelled exotic fruit mix. The one i used had grated coconut, banana, pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Apricots and Strawberries. The first bite into this Tropical Vanilla Slice gives you a nice crunchy and chewy experience and the vanilla sponge balances well with the plain butter cream. This bake is very simple to make, its not from any recipe, i just put it together. You can go a long way to filling up your tray bake quota for charity events or fates. Since I put this together on the fly you can of course use any flavours, toppings and colours you want, that's the great thing about home baking.

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