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Apple Hazelnut Cake

Apple Hazelnut Cake

This Apple Hazelnut Cake has a deliciously rich flavour from the spiced apples and hazelnuts with an added toffee richness from the muscovado sugar. This recipe also uses a tried and tested flavour combination between the apples and cinnamon. You will need a 9" loose cake tin greased with the base lined, a medium oven of 180ºC / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4. The whole process will take you around an hour and a half, the lions share of that time is in the baking. You can sell this apple hazelnut cake in wedges or share with friends and family, its great with clotted cream although I prefer a rich custard sauce. A thing to remember is to cover the cake with kitchen foil at about 55 minutes into the bake to stop the top getting to dark.

Apple Hazelnut Cake recipe and method

225g softened butter
225g Light muscovado sugar
3 large free range eggs
100g chopped hazelnuts (use a blitzer but don't obliterate (optionally you can use walnuts)
100g Sultanas (or use mixed fruit)
225g white self-raising flour
2 teaspoons level of baking powder
400g cooking apples (peeled cored and grated)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (to mix with the apples)
muscovado sugar (sprinkle over cake just before baking)
preheat the oven to 180ºC / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4. Grease and line the bottom of a 9" deep round cake tin.Peel, core and grate your apples then toss in the cinnamon, leave to drain in a sieve. cover with cling film. Measure the butter, sugar, eggs, chopped hazelnuts, sultanas or (mixed fruit) flour and baking powder into a large bowl and mix until thoroughly blended.
Spoon half the cake mixture into the prepared cake tin then layer your grated apple and cinnamon on top evenly. Spoon the rest of the cake batter over the apples carefully spreading evenly over the whole surface. Finish by sprinkling with light muscovado sugar and some chopped hazelnuts.
Bake in a preheated oven for between 1¼ to 1½ hours (check on the hour & cover with kitchen foil if necessary)
Apple Hazelnut Cake

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