Saturday, 27 July 2013

Strawberry Mascarpone Shortbread

Strawberry Mascarpone Shortbread

Strawberry Mascarpone Shortbread is a delicious simple shortbread or dessert with mascarpone cheese that will tickle anyone's taste buds. Time for a quick bake today so I have picked this recipe from a little gem of a book called cakes and slices by Murdoch Books. The baking part of this recipe is the sweet pastry base which has a rich crumbly melt in the mouth feel. The topping is made out of mascarpone cheese cream with fresh quartered strawberries. You will need the use of a fridge so that the mascarpone strawberry topping sets. The bulk of the time needed for this bake is in the setting of the topping, you can leave it in the chiller overnight. This will make it easier to cut through the shortbread base which does have a tendency to break up if you cut to soon. Strawberry Mascarpone Shortbread will keep for no more than 72 hours refrigerated due to the fresh strawberries. If you do have this book or fancy buying it the recipe its called Strawberry Mascarpone Slice, in the rich section. Once you have tasted this sweet treat you will want to try more cream cheese recipes. There are numerous tasty creations you can a have a go at, so don't keep them to yourself...hint!

Serves 18
Prep time 4 hours
Bake Time 20 minutes
Total time 4 hours, 20 minutes

For the sweet pastry
175g unsalted butter (softened)
80g Fine caster sugar
1 large egg yolk (free range)
250g cake flour (plain all purpose)

For the cream cheese topping
300g mascarpone cheese
60g icing sugar
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
300g Strawberries (cut and quartered)
50g dark chocolate (for decoration)

Step 1
Make your sweet pastry for the base by adding the softened butter and sugar to the flour and mix by hand or machine until you have a soft dough. Press evenly into your desired baking pan and prick all over. Bake @ 180ºC / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4 for around 18 minutes or until golden brown. Once baked allow to cool completely then tip over to remove baking parchment...set aside ready for the topping

Step 2
Wash and quarter the strawberries and set aside in a drainer until you need them. Mix your mascarpone cheese with the icing sugar and lemon juice, blend thoroughly.Now fold in your quartered strawberries making sure to cover the strawberries. Spread evenly over your cooled sweet pastry base and put in the chiller preferably overnight or at least 4 hours. Cut into squares and serve

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