Sunday, 16 March 2014

Skinny Iced Chocolate Doughnuts

Skinny Iced Chocolate Doughnuts made with a sweet tea bread fermented dough. This version is a slimmed down tea bread dough that i use for many other baked goods like lemon buns, fruit loaf or even hot cross buns, just click through for more information. This is how i usually make doughnuts and definitely not with a cake batter. The process is a straight forward dough mix then roll out with a rolling pin, cut out your doughnuts and proof for around an hour to hour 15 min. Deep fry in vegetable oil, drain off and allow to cool, cover with a hot chocolate icing. There are many variations of icing and fillings, you could cut the doughnuts horizontally in half and fill with double cream or any flavoured butter cream.


500 grams strong white bread flour
15 grams caster sugar
20 grams butter or vegetable oil for less calories
14 grams easy bake yeast
350 ml semi skimmed milk (warmed, tepid)
Large pot filled with around 1 third with vegetable oil

for dough mixing method click through links above

Skinny iced chocolate doughnuts

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