Friday, 12 June 2015

Fenugreek Cheddar Baguette

Fenugreek Cheddar Baguette is a delicious combination of savoury leaf and cheddar and has a wonderfully warming flavour. The fenugreek adds a subtle heat and compliments the cheddar beautifully. My love affair of bread continues with this Fenugreek Cheddar baguette. The baguette shape is a change from the cobs and tin loafs that i usually do, you can get perforated baguette trays from most retailers either online or on the high street. The preparation method for this bake is your standard one knock back before final proof.

*original post date 18 May 2014 New section Wholemeal sesame demi baguette

Fenugreek Cheddar Baguette recipe and method  

500g Strong white bread flour
15g dried yeast (easy bake)
10g salt
5g (1 teaspoon) sugar
15ml virgin olive oil
300ml to 350mll of tepid water
50g to 100g grated cheddar cheese (your choice)
2 level teaspoons fenugreek leaf (more if you want a stronger flavour)

Combine all your dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar, fenugreek & dried yeast) into a mixing bowl then add the water. mix on slow speed until a dough starts to form then increase to speed 2 then 3 for 5 minutes. Once you have an elasticated dough turn out onto your work surface, chaff or shape into a cob then place into a plastic bowl, cover and leave to proof for around 30 minutes. 

Turn your oven on and position your holding tray in the middle of the oven. Turn your oven up to its highest temperature and place a small roasting dish filled with a third of water, place in the base of the oven, shut the door. 

Knock back (force the air out of the bread dough) and mould or shape into a baguette or whatever shape you desire. proof for another 30 to 40 minutes. You can slash your baguette before or after you put into the oven but its probably wiser to slash before final proof. Now for the oven part: be quick and remember the oven will be full of burning hot steam so keep your face back and quickly slide in the bread. bake for 10 minutes at the high temperature then reduce to 200 centigrade for another 20 minutes.

And there's more....updated 12th of June 2015
Wholemeal Sesame Demi baguette 
Wholemeal Sesame demi baguette recipe, Yielded 2 x 240g demi baguettes + 1 x 600g pan loaf
400g strong white flour
200g wholemeal strong flour
25g virgin olive oil
10g salt
5g sugar
14g fast dried yeast
380ml tepid water

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