Sunday, 21 September 2014

Macaroon Chocolate Cookies

Macaroon chocolate cookies carry on from the previous bake which uses the same method. The only change with this recipe is adding desiccated coconut. The resulting cookie dough is a lot firmer so easier to handle. The flavour of these macaroon chocolate cookies are predominantly coconut, with a touch of dark chocolate flavour that balances well. Its a fairly quick and easy cookie to make so should come out of the oven golden brown crispy on the outside with a nice chewy center. There are no restrictions on size or shape within reason, so you could do individual round cookies or rectangular right out of a tray bake tin, its up to you. The whole prep and bake process shouldn't take more than 35 minutes.

Macaroon Chocolate Cookies recipe and method  

340g caster sugar
170g ground almonds
170g desiccated coconut
4 large egg whites (room temperature)

Preheat your oven to 170°C standard oven
Line a baking sheet with baking parchment

Weigh off your dry ingredients and combine in an appropriate mixing bowl.
Use a large stainless steel mixing bowl to break your egg whites into, mix with a handheld electric mixer until firm and stiff peaks form, 5 to 8 minutes depending on egg whites.

Fold in about one third of the dry mixture until smooth then repeat until fully incorporated. Use a figure of eight fold technique.

If you are making individual cookies then use your hands to break off and roll into a ball, lay onto prepared baking tray and press down slightly. Or you can press the whole mixture into an appropriate tray bake tin.

Bake at 170°C standard oven for at least 20 minutes turning the tray 15 minutes into the baking.
2 shapes, forked and balls...saucy
These Macaroon chocolate cookies will keep for a week in a sealed container and at least a month in the freezer (well wrapped)
15 batch flatter cookie shape

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