Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Organic Poppy seed Sourdough

So it's back to 100% sourdough starter ..NO fast dried yeast this time, and she's a beauty. 

Here's my latest recipe update

500g Organic Strong white flour
10g salt
5g sugar
20g Rapeseed Oil (stonepressed *Local Scottish)
250g Lively active starter (wholemeal rye blend)
300ml tepid water

weigh off all ingredients and place into a machine bowl without the water (sin agua)
Next weigh off your starter and add to dry ingredients
then add your water.

Mix on low speed for a minute then increase to 2nd speed for another minute,
increase to 3rd speed for the remaining 3 minutes

Tip onto a floured surface and work the dough for another 2 minutes folding
the dough continuously. Place dough into big plastic tub with an airtight lid
and leave to prove for around 4 hours, or until more than doubled in size.

tip out onto a well floured surface and work the dough again folding it into
itself, shape it into a round cob and place onto a baking sheet, cover with a light
teatowel and leave in a draft free place (top oven on your cooker with the main
oven on very low)

Organic, Poppy seed, sourdough, cob

Final Prove around 2 & half hours depending on your location. get your oven
up as high as it will go (average oven 240C) make sure to place a container with water
on the bottom of your oven, and it has to be bubbling before you place your bread into the oven.

Score your bread however you like and bake on full heat 240C for 15 minutes then turn down
 the heat to 200C for the remaining 15 minutes. Enjoy! :)

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