Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Organic Sourdough Baps

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Eating healthy is something we should all do as much as possible and these Organic Sourdough Baps are full of flavour and are made with unprocessed ingredients free from pesticides and fertilizers, they take a little longer to make but are well worth the wait. I'm a converted organic nut, because organic flour produces better-tasting baked goods. Organic products may cost a lot more but the health benefits are worth it. The use of organic flour also reduces your carbon footprint and makes for a greener planet.

Organic Sourdough Baps are a bit more of a challenge in terms of getting the same volume compared to the more popular strong flours usually available on the supermarket shelves. The difference is in the milling of the wheat from the fields, so your usual popular strong flours are milled heavily and extract more of the wheatgerm leaving a cleaner whiter flour that has more gluten which makes the flour very strong and easy to work with. On the other hand the Organic flour is milled in a more traditional way using a slower pressing method which in turn leaves more of the wheat germ in the flour, so this makes it harder to get the same volume. In order to combat this I have portioned off the organic sourdough baps at 100g instead of the usal 70g to 75g.

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The obvious taste comparison between popular strong white flour and Organic white flour is self evident for me and you will know the difference once you taste them. To make these Organic sourdough baps even more flavoursome I have added a sourdough starter, and wow that sour flavour comes through nicely.

400g Organic Strong white flour (certified)
260g active starter (made from organic flour)
8g salt
4g sugar
1 sachet or 7g of fast dried active yeast
280ml warm water

Finished dough volume approximately 900g
9 x 100g

Oven Temperature
18 minutes total bake time
8 min @ 240C then 10 minutes @ 200C

Add all dry ingredients except dried yeast and combine together, then add dried yeast, put dry ingredients into your mixing bowl, then add your sourdough starter and start on low speed, add all the water and continue mixing for around a minute. Increase speed and mix for a further 4 minutes. Mould the dough into a cob shape and place into a glass bowl, cover with clingfilm or plastic bag and prove for about an hour and a half or doubled in size. 

Scale off your baps at around 100g each, rest for a minute then roll or shape into balls, slightly flatten then dip into flour, shake off excess flour and place onto prepared baking tray, press down again, but not to much, cover with a light t-towel and prove for 1 hour forty minutes to 2 hours, in a draft free warm place. 

Bake off in standard oven @ 240°C for 10 minutes then reduce to 200°C for another 8 minutes. If you want extra soft floury rolls then keep the oven temperature to 200°C for the whole 18 minutes. If you have fan assisted oven then reduce temps by 10 degrees. You will find your own times for your particular oven in time.

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