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The Narrative Clip 1 personal camera log is essentially designed to clip on to a suitable area of your body and automatically take photos of your day, whatever that might be. I was a bit unsure initially how it would work and with a £100 price tag, was it worth the outlay? Well so far I would give it 3 out of 5 stars, and say I am reasonably pleased.

Narrative Clip 1 Dimensions:
3.6 x 3.6 x 0.9 cm; weighs 18 g

There are no buttons or controls on the Narrative Clip 1, so everything is automatic. In order to switch off the camera, just place it face down on a flat surface or put in your pocket as its the light that activates the camera. There are 4 tiny neon indicator lights that tell you the battery status and if the camera needs attention. Battery life around 48 hours with 30 minutes’ recharge from flat.

Setting up the Narrative Clip 1 for the 1st time… 

was fairly straight forward, you have to register on then once they send you an email, you click the link to activate your Narrative Clip 1. Your email is then connected to your clip. You need to download the Narrative app on your phone, in my case for Android OS. Lastly download the Narrative uploader software for your PC or Apple PC. It took a couple of hours for the app on my android phone to start showing pictures, I can only assume that there is a delay while the cloud service goes through registration and security protocols.

Early Issues

The uploader software for the PC was a bit of a pain, as it took a couple of hours until I could get it installed and working properly. I had several error messages, specifically on choosing a folder for storing on my hard drive. There seemed to be permission faults on my Windows 10 OS, I eventually changed the folder to my SkyDrive and it works flawlessly.

Narrative Clip 1 settings *connect your clip via micro USB cable to your PC

You have various options through the PC uploader software settings, for instance you can change the frequency that the camera takes pictures from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, and you can opt out of storing moments or pictures online. Also you can opt to only upload to your hard drive. I’d say it’s better to do both, opting into Narrative moments allows you to organise better as well as being useful when abroad, or editing/organizing on the go. You can share your moments/pictures on for joe public or not, it’s up to you. You can also share to any social network that you belong to or email to a friend or family member.

Image quality

I have taken the Narrative Clip 1 camera out a couple of times, once on foot and once on the bike, with mixed results. The picture quality is definitely not the best and you have to work to get the right angle, so for example the 1st day out walking for 50 minutes I got loads of sky shots, then on the bike for 40 minutes I got loads of ground shots. Remember that it’s only a 5mp camera and the field of vision is nothing nearly as good as your smartphone. You can double tap the front of the camera to take shots immediately at any time.

Privacy issues

Not everyone wants their picture taken, so remember to take the camera off at these times and put it into your pocket. The majority of times as long as you explain what the camera is for, its fine.

Overall Conclusions for the Narrative Clip 1

The idea behind the Narrative Clip 1 is sound but the practicalities are less than adequate. You have to give it time until you find the best position for the Narrative Clip 1 camera, but it’s worth persevering. The best position I have found so far is to clip the camera about 2” to 3” below the collar bone, the problem is with us humans is that we all have different shapes. A word on editing, beware that you will have hundreds of images to sift through, especially if you have your shot interval set to 10 seconds. So you will delete loads of inferior pictures but you do get some wonderful moments.

There are plenty other choices out there that are cheaper, for instance the Polaroid Cube which has video capability.

There is now a version 2 of the Narrative Clip which takes up to 80 minutes on HD video as well as pictures. You can upload with wifi or bluetooth. I haven’t seen it on Amazon UK yet, but i believe it can be ordered through

Light issues

indoors looking out


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