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Welcome to the Medwin House Bakery blog and thanks for dropping by, my name is Bill Masson. This blog was set up primarily to share my baking experiences and to gain valuable feedback from the very folks that hopefully enjoy my baking. I also write about anything that grabs my interest, I enjoy technology, travel, sport and of course baking. This site is purely devoted to baking. I currently work in the service industry on contracts all over Edinburgh. You can catch up with me @ twitter or Facebook and I hale from Edinburgh in Scotland. I bake professionally and supply several locations throughout Edinburgh, but still bake at home usually over the weekend, so everything you see on this blog I baked myself at home.
Most of the recipes I use are from my baking books collection and great food websites which thankfully are in abundance. I love to share recipes and explore other bakers’ blogs online. I use tried and tested recipes from my time in bakeries North and South of the border (UK), occasionally adding a twist to traditional favourites. If its a visual experience of baking that you want then you can check out my baking videos on YouTube. I encourage you to share your comments with Medwin House Bakery and share your highs and lows, it all counts and inspires novice bakers around the globe.

A fair chunk of my working life has been spent in small and large bakeries, I have had the pleasure working in bakeries, in various locations in the UK as well as cable ships and oil rigs overseas where you soon find out if your baking doesn't come up to scratch. Over the years I have picked up quite a few tips and techniques that have served me well.

Tried and tested baking basics are part and parcel of any good baker and you never really forget them, for example Bakers percentages are a vital part of baking and allow you to work out volumes for bread dough’s to give accurate numbers of rolls or loaves. These percentages give you a balanced consistency in baking volumes.

The biggest kick that I get from baking is a sense of achievement and knowing what I bake is home-made, with no artificial food enhancers. The rest is pure joy; any home baker will tell you just how wonderful the aroma of freshly baked bread or cookies are.
*update: Continuing onwards within my present work contract which allows me to branch out into different elements of baking. Presently i am producing small cakes, tray bakes, cookies, tablet, bread as well as the occasional birthday cake request.

*UPDATE April 2020, Now semi retired and baking from home only ;)

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