Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bitesize Bakewell Cake

Bitesize Bakewell Cake

Yep I've done it again, i just cannot get enough of the delicious Bakewell tart flavour, this time though i have baked individual cases, same idea as the big tarts in flavour and make-up but more bite size. I believe there is a Bakewell Cupcake waiting to be made, can't wait. This Bitesize Bakewell cake is a bit more finicky to make but well worth the extra effort. I used the same recipe that i used for the large Bakewell tart but this time I halved the amounts to make six individual Bakewell cakes.

bitesize Bakewell tart

You will need a quantity of sweet paste to line your paper cases and as with the Main Bakewell tart recipe raspberry jam for the bases. I baked these little beauties for 25 minutes @ 170 C electric and used the same size scoop i used for the cupcakes, just make sure to level the frangipane filling before inserting into your cases, (scoop size 40 ml)
bitesize Bakewell tart

Once baked allow to cool for 10 minutes before carefully turning out your Bakewell cakes, cool for another 10 minutes then lightly dust with icing sugar.

The sweet pastry i used for this cake was leftover cuttings from a previous bake, i lined the cases 2 or three days in advance then cling filmed them and popped them into the fridge, they would easily keep for a week. Keeping any cookie pastry in the fridge for at least 24 hours definitely improves the flavour.

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