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Chocolate Rum Truffles ready in minutes

Chocolate Rum Truffles

Chocolate Rum Truffles the quick and easy sweet snack that can be made in less than ten minutes. The emphases with these Chocolate truffles is more sweet than just chocolate. Chocolate truffles can be made in different ways for example you can cook up a thick ganache or chocolate fudge then roll in cocoa powder, these are great if you want a really rich chocolate flavour, but you can also make use of all those sponge cuttings from cake decorating.

This recipe uses leftover sponge. Simply crumb your leftover sponge and add some raspberry jam with melted chocolate, add a touch of rum flavouring, mix it all up, roll it out and make balls, then cover in more raspberry jam and roll them in vermicelli, and that's it, simple, in less than ten minutes. You can roll your truffles in cocoa powder or how about desiccated coconut, its great with toasted coconut to, the coverings are endless. You can try out different types of chocolate using richer cocoa content or a mixture of milk, plain or dark.

Chocolate Rum Truffles recipe

(made up as i went along, so experiment)

500 grams leftover sponge, can be plain or chocolate or a combination
about 3 tablespoons of raspberry jam
100 grams of chocolate , melted. use any type of chocolate you like
some Rum flavouring about a teaspoon or more if you like the rum flavour
Chocolate Rum Truffles

Chocolate Rum Truffles Method

Get all your leftover sponge and crumb it with your fingers or give it a quick blast in a food processor
add your raspberry jam, melted chocolate and rum flavouring, mix quickly before the chocolate sets until you have a fairly firm and sticky dough. Sprinkle some fine white sugar on your worktop and roll your truffle mix until you have a sausage shape, then simply break pieces off and make into round balls.
Chocolate Rum Truffles

Have some raspberry jam ready and a bowl of chocolate vermicelli or whatever covering you want to use. Now roll about 3 to 4 truffles at a time in your covering and place into paper cases... thats it. These should keep for a least a week in sealed container and about two weeks in a fridge, not suitable for freezing. So from now on instead of throwing away those cake sponge trimmings you can bag them and put them into the fridge until you have enough for a small batch of Chocolate Rum Truffles.
Chocolate Rum Truffles

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