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Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan

Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan

Chocolate and Ginger are a good match, add a touch of apricot and you have a delicious Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan. This bake is really a mix of two key recipes, the ginger cake and the sweet pastry base. to add a bit more depth of flavour I spread the sweet pastry base with chunky apricot jam and finished with a generous coating of chocolate icing. This cake or flan is very rich and its best to leave for 24 hours after baking to allow the ginger cake to mature. This will develop the flavour. You will need a medium to moderate oven of around 170 C electric for around 40 minutes.

A good tip here, don't overdue the bicarb of soda or else your ginger sponge will have massive cracks. Its unavoidable not to have any cracks but remember you have your chocolate icing to cover them all up. Also make sure to prick the sweet pastry base, this will help to keep the sponge level.
Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan

Ginger Cake Recipe

100g Golden Syrup
100g Black Treacle
250ml water (for boiling with the syrups)
100g Butter (you can use salted or unsalted and softened)
100g Caster Sugar (fine sugar if you have it)
1 large Happy Egg (Free range is best)
275g Plain Flour
1 & half teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon Ground ginger

Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan METHOD

Preheat your oven to 180 C electric
Roll out your sweet pastry and line your prepared flan tin, prick the base several times with a fork then spread the chunky apricot jam over the base. Now for the ginger cake filling, put your golden syrup, treacle, brown sugar, water and butter into a sizeable pan and bring to the boil. Sift all your dry ingredients together and add to the the melted syrups, pour in your beaten egg, mix everything until you have a smooth batter then pour into your flan. bake for around 45 to 50 minutes.

Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan

Once out of the oven allow to cool for ten minutes then carefully remove the outer flan tin and leave to cool completely.
Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan

For the chocolate icing you can use any one you like, a ganache fudge (50% chocolate - 50% double cream) or a Chocolate GlacĂ© . I used plain chocolate, butter and icing sugar, its up to you. So this baking of Chocolate Ginger Apricot Flan was baking on the fly, its always nice to just bake as you go along without sticking rigidly to methods and recipes.

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