Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf

Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf

Plenty of strong wholemeal flour in the cupboard that needs to get used. Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf in a tin slashed and sprinkled with bran flakes sieved off from the wholemeal flour. I proofed the wholemeal farmhouse loaf dough twice. the first proof at around 40 to 45 minutes, then knock back to get the air out and mould and place into a bread tin. The final proof took around 45 minutes. You want a very hot oven @ 240°C / 475°F / Gas Mark 9 for first 15 minutes then 200°C / 400°F / Gas Mark 6 for another 20 minutes. Put a roasting tray half filled with water to create a hot steamy oven and preheat about 20 minutes before placing bread in oven. You can omit the roasting tray and use a spray bottle,just spray the top of the loaf and the side of the oven before putting in the oven. The result of the steam will create a nice thick crust and a shiny top for your Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf.

Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf

60% strong white flour to 40% Strong Wholemeal Flour 

300 grams strong white flour

200 grams strong wholemeal flour

8 grams salt

15 grams olive oil

20 grams fresh yeast

300ml tepid water

240°C / 475°F / Gas Mark 9 for first 15 minutes then 200°C / 400°F / Gas Mark 6 for another 25 minutes

I'm starting to use fresh yeast all the time now apart from sourdoughs of course. This bread is real easy to make just mix all your dry ingredients together with the olive oil then add your fresh yeast. Add your 300ml of tepid water and mix on low speed until the dough comes together, then increase speed to 2 and mix for a further 5 minutes. Go through your proofing periods and knockbacks then bake. If like me you prefer to use fresh yeast and you are having difficulty in finding any, then check out eBay. I recently bought a kilo of fresh yeast. What I did was crumble it all up and double bag it into the freezer, then whenever I need it I can weigh it off then leave in the fridge overnight, defrost and its ready to use. If you're using easy bake dried yeast then cut back to 10 grams. Just so you know fresh yeast will keep in a freezer properly wrapped for a year.

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